Recruitment of Lithuanian Scaffolders

Lithuania boasts numerous firms leasing highly skilled scaffolding professionals to major enterprises like Bilfinger, Shell, and Cervix. We specialize in headhunting these adept and seasoned scaffolders, precisely matching them to your needs. Our recruits are not only educated and highly experienced but also certified and equipped with additional qualifications, ensuring top-tier performance and adherence to industry standards.

Headhunting / Reqruiting of teams

We specialize in handpicking and assembling teams of scaffolding experts who already share a professional history. This approach brings a wealth of benefits.

Firstly, the existing rapport and trust among team members foster seamless communication and collaboration.

Secondly, their familiarity with each other's strengths and work styles enables smoother task delegation and synergy.

Moreover, their shared experiences translate into a quicker project start-up and sharper problem-solving skills. Ultimately, tapping into these pre-existing relationships not only boosts efficiency and morale but also ensures superior project outcomes.

Partnering with us guarantees access to an endless pool of skilled workers within record time, ensuring your project stays on track and on schedule. We pride ourselves on our ability to swiftly deliver the manpower you need, sparing you from delays and bottlenecks. With our seamless recruitment process, you can rest assured knowing that your workforce requirements will be met promptly and efficiently. Say goodbye to project delays and hello to timely completion with our unrivaled staffing solutions.


Our service caters to those who've caught wind of the stellar reputation of Lithuanian scaffolding professionals, renowned as top-tier performers in the industry. If you're impressed by their track record but harbor reservations about managing foreign workers independently, we've got you covered.

We offer a seamless solution that harnesses the expertise of Lithuanian professionals while providing the support and guidance you need to navigate the complexities of hiring and managing international talent. With us, you can harness the exceptional skills of Lithuanian scaffolders with confidence, knowing that your project is in capable hands every step of the way.

Our worker management service handles all aspects of employment, including travel, accommodation, rotation scheduling, and compliance with the 3F collective agreement.

We ensure seamless organization, documentation, and support throughout the employment period, allowing you to focus on your core business activities without any disruptions.


Our consulting service provides tailored guidance for hiring Lithuanian scaffolding professionals. Whether you have specific needs, worries, or challenges, we offer personalized solutions to optimize your recruitment process. From addressing language barriers to navigating legal requirements, we ensure a smooth and efficient hiring experience.

With our expertise, you can confidently build your team with top-tier Lithuanian talent.

As seasoned professionals in the industry, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive support to meet all your needs. Whether it's arranging housing for your workforce, strategic project planning, or managing necessary documents and permits, we've got you covered.

Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that every aspect of your project runs smoothly and efficiently. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can trust us to handle any challenge that arises, allowing you to focus on achieving your goals with peace of mind.

Count on us to be your reliable partner every step of the way.


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About Litpersona experience in scaffolding

In early 2023, Litpersona met up with one of Danish scaffolding market leader who was seeking skilled scaffolding installers.

Recognizing the abundance of qualified professionals in Lithuania, many of whom already collaborate with esteemed companies like Bilfinger, Shell, and Cervex, we opted to extend direct contracts in Denmark, bypassing intermediaries.

This approach empowers installers to access enhanced earnings.

Since 2023, we've effectively onboarded more than 50 proficient individuals, warmly welcoming new members into our growing community of professionals.


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We started working with “Litpersona” step by step, and hired only a couple of employees. Now the number has significantly increased. Employees arrive on time, they are knowledgeable.

Kenneth Harder